About Bobbie

So, what is a “peace-full” life?

Dillon White BackgroundIt is not enough to simply have the absence of conflict. We should desire and strive for more.

When I vision peace on earth, I see people who are tranquil and joy-filled, living in harmony with one another. I envision people being confident to ask for what they need and able to hear the requests of others with an open heart.

We may not be there yet, but I believe we can be!

Many of us struggle to understand how to deal with other people who we see as difficult. It can be challenging to face conflict situations so, often, we simply avoid them. Or, maybe worse, we put up with it until we blow!

In our imperfect human state (me included!), we try to do the best we can. Yet, we often become defensive. Many of us have a hard time asking for what we want, fearing ridicule or rejection. This can lead us to feel resentful for having to live a less than an ideal life.

You can learn the skills needed to create peace-full relationships at home and at work–fulfilling authentic relationships.

Read my blog, watch my videos, take a class, or consider one-on-one coaching. Creating a peace-full life is a gift to yourself that will last you a lifetime!

My Background

I grew up, as many of us did, experiencing various forms of conflict from the silent to the physical. While I thought this was normal as a child, as an adult I determined to make better choices. Being a child of divorce led me to the field of divorce mediation with a desire to help children by helping their parents work through conflict in positive ways. It wasn’t long before I realized what I really wanted to understand was this thing called conflict. That led me to pursue a Master’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution. Teaching others to understand the nature of conflict, how to de-escalate it, and how to tap its potential for positive change, has become my life’s passion.

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What I Do

As a Trainer, I develop and lead a variety of educational programs both on-line and in-person. I am constantly striving to learn more about what people need to better manage conflict.

As a Conflict Coach, I work one-on-one with individuals to help them better manage conflict–a particular conflict situation, a recurrent pattern, skill-building, and strategies to meet their needs.

As a Facilitator, I work with groups to identify objectives and expectations and improve communication to build understanding, solve problems, reach consensus, or plan for the future.

As an Organizational Consultant, I work to assess conflict situations and recommend appropriate action to manage future conflict effectively.

You can learn more about these conflict management options by contacting me today at (585) 748-8682 or via email.

Bobbie Dillon