Conflict Analysis

Meeting in the Middle MazeWhen a larger group is experiencing conflict (department-level or organization-wide), it is common to try to find a quick fix–reprimanding employees or removing the identified problem employee–only to find that problems persist. This kind of insidious organizational conflict has been shown to cost untold sums of money in the form of decreased productivity, absenteeism, turnover, theft, and even violence.

It is common to try to find a quix fix…only to find that problems persist.

Although such situations can feel urgent, it is likely they took a long time to grow to the point where they have become obvious. Therefore, a wiser approach is to step back and ask, “What is really going on?”

Conflict Analysis is a process that allows an objective third-party with specialized knowledge of the sources of conflict and conflict escalation to thoroughly assess the situation and make detailed recommendations for targeted interventions.

Working in concert with leadership and internal resources (such as human resources professionals and legal counsel), Bobbie develops a plan to undertake a thorough assessment. Once completed, findings are shared with leadership to incorporate their feedback and validate results, followed by detailed recommendation to address the source(s) of conflict. Bobbie’s recommendations include interventions that the organization can carry out internally, services she may provide, or recommendations for support services from the professional community.

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Bobbie Dillon