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Discussing difficult topics, planning for the future, reaching agreement or consensus as a group can be tricky. Not only does each member of a group see things a little differently, the larger the group, the more complex it becomes to simply communicate and make progress. Add to that strong opinions or past conflict and keeping folks on track and moving forward becomes even more challenging.

A Facilitator can help. Facilitation is a process in which a specially trained neutral person with no decision-making authority provides a structure to improve group effectiveness. As a Facilitator, Bobbie works with leadership to establish objectives in advance and to develop a process to best meet the unique challenges and the needs of the group.


  • Everyone, even the leader, can participate fully;
  • Ensures a more complete outcome by drawing out those who are less likely to contribute and including those with contrary opinions;
  • Establishes shared expectations so goals are met;
  • Manages conflict before it escalates;
  • Captures information for future use.

Bobbie brings more than two decades of experience working as a facilitator. In addition to her graduate studies and years of experience mediating conflict, Bobbie is trained in the Skilled Facilitator approach.

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Bobbie Dillon