Conflict Coaching

What is Conflict Coaching? 

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Conflict is a regular part of all our lives. It might be at home with a loved one, or at work with a client, someone we supervise or our boss. We all have tools we’ve learned and applied to manage conflict in our lives. Yet sometimes a particular person or conflict situation is just more challenging to deal with. Or, perhaps, we know that we have a habit of dealing with conflict the same way regardless of the situation and we know we could do better.

A Conflict Coach is someone who works with you one-on-one to learn new skills and strategies to better manage conflict. It is time-limited and focused with the goal of empowering you to face conflict with confidence. As a coach, I am a non-judgmental listener who helps you think more deeply about the source of conflict, look for patterns in behavior, identify and practice strategies for managing conflict, apply them, and review them to solidify progress.

“Bobbie is a good listener and non-judgmental, so I felt comfortable with her. Bobbie helped me understand how to create a ‘vision’ and why it would be helpful now and in the future. She helped me see what skills are necessary to deal with the conflict and encouraged me in recognizing the ones I already had and how to work on those that needed ‘sharpening.’ I would recommend Conflict Coaching to others. The benefits are many, but especially to have a safe, objective space to examine the conflict and one’s own part in it. Having an empathic listener helps you develop and use your skills.”–Workplace client 

Most clients find that four to six, sessions are enough to improve their interactions. Sessions take place via phone, Skype, Facetime, or (if possible), in person. The agenda is set at the beginning of the sessions and the Conflict Coach outlines the model and tools she feels will be most effective for the issues you have raised. Payment can be made in advance for a package of sessions or on an hourly basis.

As a coach, I have the satisfaction of helping you learn the skills to manage conflict situations for yourself, while enriching your relationships with others.

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One-on-One Consulting and Conflict Coaching for Professionals

Professionals who work with clients in conflict experience their own reactions to conflict. Certain clients or conflict situations may be more challenging that others. Bobbie has a unique perspective having worked for more than a decade as a mediator in the areas of family, divorce, and workplace disputes.

Bobbie L. Dillon, M.S., holds a Master of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, has worked as a professional mediator since 2003, is an Advanced Practitioner member and approved trainer of the Family Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), and an Accredited member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation (NYSCDM). Coaching hours count toward the case consultation requirements of both organizations. She has trained mediators, attorneys, therapists, and other professionals in the skills needed to better manage conflict.

Contact me today to discuss how Conflict Coaching may help you: Email or 585-748-8686.

“Bobbie Dillon has used her coaching expertise to help me develop my skills as a Divorce Mediator.  Bobbie is kind, knowledgable, personable and thorough in her approach to coaching.  She has both encouraged and inspired me in my pursuit of a mediation career.  Her comments are thoughtful and insightful, based on her years of experience. Bobbie has been instrumental to me in improving the entire spectrum of skills required to succeed as a mediator in private practice.”

David M. Louis, Co-Founder and President, Upstate Divorce Mediation

Upcoming Conflict Coaching Training

Are you interested in learning the skills of Conflict Coaching? This unique interactive Webinar is open to those with a background in conflict management (mediators, collaborative professionals, human resources professionals, etc.). In addition to the online course, you will work one-on-one with a professional coach to practice the skills you are learning. Click for more information: CCM Basic Conflict Coaching Interactive Webinars Spring 2017 .docx

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