Conflict Management and Resolution Processes

decisionsConflict is a challenging, but normal part of life. Whether you are in an organization that is experiencing conflict, facing a challenge at work, or are in conflict within a personal relationship, having someone with the background to help can make a profound difference in the outcome.

Conflict management and resolution processes are:

  • Cost effective
  • Time limited
  • Immediately applicable
  • Get results

Even if the conflict is not resolved, new information and insights gained can lead to better choices and outcomes.

The first step to managing or resolving conflict is determining the best process for you or your organization. Call (585-748-8682) or email today for a free half-hour consultation. Based on your circumstances, I may recommend one of the following services:


Great for individuals and groups looking to become more effective with managing conflict as it arises

Conflict Coaching

Ideal when you are the only one who is willing to work on the conflict or when an individual staff person is needing more support to manage conflict effectively


A good approach when the conflict is limited to two-four people and all parties are willing to participate in finding solutions


Works well when a group has various perspectives or a problem they need to resolve

Analysis and Proposed Solutions

Organizational or department-level conflict requires a step back to assess conflict patterns and sources

Conflict often leaves us feeling frustrated and disempowered. No situation is entirely hopeless. Having the support of a professional can help you decide what the best approach is for your circumstances. My passion is helping people learn the skills they need to manage conflict more effectively. Call (585-748-8682) or email me today!

Bobbie Dillon