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April 2018 ACR-Approved Family & Divorce Mediation Training

Have you considered becoming a family and divorce mediator? The first step in the process is to complete an approved 42-hour Family & Divorce Mediation Training. In this class, you will learn and practice mediation skills, how to mediate issues related to parenting, division of marital assets and liabilities, child support, spousal maintenance, other issues related to divorce, how to connect with other professionals who can assist your clients and help you grow your practice, tips on establishing and marketing a practice. For more information and to register, download this flier: 2018 Spring Family and Divorce Mediation Training

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Tailored Trainings

Every organization has unique needs. The most effective use of training is to tailor it to the specific types of conflict you are experiencing. Bobbie can consult with you over the phone or in person to develop a proposal to meet your needs. Call Bobbie today at (585) 748-8682 or email to schedule a time to talk.

“Bobbie is a wonderful trainer! She presents information in an easily accessible style, makes it easy to ask questions, has helpful hands-on exercises, and is never boring. Her ability to quickly set up a low-stress and accepting environment, even in a room full of 15 strangers, encourages the participants in her workshops to take risks in trying out new styles and working with unfamiliar problems. I routinely use the concepts I learned during her trainings in my professional and personal life.”  -Katherine Schaefer, University of Rochester

Sample Workshops

  • Managing Strong Emotions and Stress When Conflict Hits

  • Dealing with Workplace Conflict

  • Understanding, Assessing & Successfully Responding to Conflict

  • Speaking Up to Meet Your Needs

  • What is Conflict and How Do You Resolve It: Conflict resolution & mediation theory

  • Transforming Conflict Interactions: Mediation using a Transformative approach

  • Facilitating Conflict Resolution: Mediation using a problem-solving approach

  • Creating Peaceful Families

“Bobbie is incredible! Not only was she a patient, kind, and a compassionate teacher, but she is a wonderful mentor! I was fortunate enough to have had Bobbie as a Co-Instructor when I took the Divorce/Family Mediation training. Our class size was small but we were all very entrenched and engaged in the training. Bobbie helped tailor the training to meet everyone’s needs! I would not only recommend Bobbie as a Trainer/Teacher, but as a Mediator. She takes her work and profession seriously, yet she is very compassionate, ethical and caring in her delivery style.”

-Laura Buscaglia, Mediation Apprentice through CDS, Center for Dispute Resolution

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Bobbie is happy to lead an informative and entertaining key note address or workshop for your organization or group. She can work with you to develop a topic that meets your needs. Call (585) 748-8682 or email today!

Bobbie Dillon