Coaching FAQs

Coaching is support from a professional to grow and improve to meet your goals.

Coaching takes place in a series of confidential one-on-one meetings. Together we discuss what is happening, how and what you would like to see change, then develop a plan to get there.

Coaches listen, ask questions, offer skill development, help you practice new skills, and support you in making the changes to reach your goals.

My coaching process is time-limited. I generally meet with clients 4-6 times for maximum benefit. Some clients don't have the time or resources and prefer an abbreviated option of three hours over the course of 1-2 meetings. Additional coaching is always available if my client needs more support or a new issue arises.

I encourage clients to meet weekly to get the most from the coaching process. Allowances are made for life events, but no more than two weeks should take place between sessions.

Coaching is $200 per hour or eight hours for $1,500.

Coaching sessions are held on the Zoom.us platform, which means you (and I) can literally be anywhere-from home, work, or traveling. Zoom allows us to see one another and interact live, as well as share resources like graphics and worksheets that may be helpful in reaching your goals.