Professional Education


Family & Divorce
Mediation Training

Family and Divorce Mediation Training

This is an approved Association for
Conflict Resolution 42-hour Family
& Divorce Mediation Training.


Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching Training

This is a steps-based model designed
to provide clients with the help
and support they need to manage
conflict situations more effectively.


Mediation Skills
for Professionals

Mediation Skills for Professionals

This training is highly interactive
and offers numerous opportunities
to experience and practice
mediation skills.


Coaching for Professionals.

Professionals who work with clients in conflict sometimes struggle with how best to manage a particular situation. Certain clients or conflict situations may be more challenging than others. Bobbie has a unique perspective having worked for more than a decade as a mediator, communication and conflict management professional. She has experience in the areas of family, divorce, and workplace disputes. Bobbie offers consultation and coaching to HR professionals, business owners, managers, mediators, therapists, attorneys, and other professionals who want to further develop their skills in assisting others to manage conflict.

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