Conflict Avoiders Recovery Training

Conflict Avoiders Recovery Training

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Description: Do you find it hard to speak up when you fear it will create conflict? Do you avoid difficult conversations you know you need to have? Is it easier to just walk away or give in than face the issues directly? Imagine what your life could be like if you did have the courage to speak up... Imagine what it would be like if your voice mattered, if you could share your concerns with confidence, and, even better, if you could get your needs met! 

This two-part interactive webinar will help you understand more about what may be holding you back from finding the courage to speak out. Learn and practice techniques that can prepare you to successfully engage so that you can speak your truth with kindness and increase your chances of getting what you truly want.

Class size limited.

Instructor: Bobbie Dillon, MS

Location: Interactive Live Webinar on the Platform


  • Monday, May 7th, 7-9PM EST
  • Monday, May 14th, 7-9PM EST

Coaching Session Option:

Sometimes, it can help to get one-on-one support. As a Certified Conflict Coach, Bobbie can help you analyze a specific conflict and develop a plan for managing it more effectively. Normally a $200 per hour service, those who sign up for the training have the option to purchase a 2-hour session for only $250, for a total cost (class and coaching) of $400. 

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