How to manage conflict with someone who has a different style

How to manage conflict with someone who has a different style

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Description: People respond to conflict differently. Some of us shy away from conflict, hoping that it will “blow over” while others simply concede to keep the peace. Other people charge in and let you know right where they stand, while still others try to find solutions through compromise or problem-solving. This two-part interactive webinar includes a self-assessment tool to help you better understand your personal conflict management style, ways to better prepare for conflict situations, and how best to respond to others who may use different approaches.

Instructor(s): Bobbie Dillon, MS

Location: Interactive Live Webinar


  • Monday, April 23rd, 7-9PM EST
  • Monday, April 30th, 7-9PM EST

Coaching Session Option:

Sometimes, it can help to get one-on-one support. As a Certified Conflict Coach, Bobbie can help you analyze a specific conflict and develop a plan for managing it more effectively. Normally a $200 per hour service, those who sign up for the training have the option to purchase a 2-hour session for only $250, for a total cost (class and coaching) of $400. 

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